"Color Your Memories" in Berlin

Ludovic Azémar is  filmer from Paris and he has put together a video for the past two and a half years. He had premieres all over France already and will show his work in Berlin on 21st of April in Berlin, too.
That's a good reason to ask him a few questions about how he got into filming and why the fuck he will show the video in Berlin.

Your new video had premieres in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Lillé and now Berlin? Why only Berlin outside of France and not also London and Barcelona?

Because I came to Berlin a few times to film with Sylvain, who's living here and has a part in the video. And beause of the other guys. I just think it was a good idea to have a premiere here, having more good times in Germany with my friends. And because I know you and Sabrina are coming, too!

How did you get into filming?

When I started skating, about 10 years ago. I started to film at the same time… so, it just came easy to me and after a few years I've been filming more than skating!

Who are you showing in the video and why?

Remy Taveira, Guillaume Dulout, Alex Richard, Sylvain Tognelli, Valentin Bauer for the French connection and Sean Hanley for the American one's!
Just because... I like how they skate and they are easy to travel with. And maybe also because they are friends of mine now!

It took you a while, right? You were traveling a lot in Europe, where did your trips took you to?

It took me something like 2 years and half. Yes, I have not had a real home for 1 year and I'm traveling for 2 years. I have been a lot in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Barcelona and Berlin. A few trips in London, Hamburg, Lille, Basque country and some other I think...

Are you working on another project or is it enough for the next time?

No, I'm lucky to have some new projects which start now, so I feel good. I was scared about finishing the video and having nothing special to do.
I had this sensation before, after my first video, and it took me a long time before I started something new… so it's ok!

Can you kick a good story happened to you while filming for this video?

The good story is the night life during these two years… but can I really talk about it?

How did you come up with the name "Color Your Memories"?

Because I think it's just two years full of memories and good times. So, it's full of colors in my head. And I hope it will go on!

Did anyone support you or have you paid all on your own?

Yes, Converse, 5 Boro and Nozbone Skateshop helped me a lot with the DV tapes and super8 films. I'm really happy about it.
Then Vans gave me shoes for these years, so I did not have to take care about my feet! But all the traveling, beers and food I paid by myself… I burned too much money the first year. The second year was a little bit more sketchy, I used some secret money I was not suppose to used! HAHAHA

OK, thank you Ludo, we hope many people will see the video and give their support so you can move on.

No Problem, you're welcome.

You can see the video in Berlin on April 21st, at Sheriff Teddy (Weserstraße 25, 10247 Berlin Friedrichshain) at 22h. Be there or die trying!

If you wanna see more of Ludovics' work check out his blog.

 Ludo didn't make the video only for Canada, but the whole world!